"A trail is a place to enjoy a walk and to find a bench to rest and talk."
(Dorothy Langsdorf, Discovery Trail in Vancouver,WA)

lundi 23 juin 2008

Au Jardin des Valloires/ In the Valloires Garden

Mon amie El. a fait une jolie balade au printemps, au Jardin des Valloires, dans la Somme.
Elle m'en a ramené ces deux bancs.
Le premier était situé dans le "Jardin des éléments";L'autre dans le "Jardin des roses".
Deux photos très romantiques, je trouve...

My friend El. made a nice walk in the north of France during spring.
The first pic comes from the "Garden of elements", the other one from the "Garden of roses".
Two romantic pics...

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Paulie a dit…

Such a simple bench in the first garden and the one in the rose garden is made quite elegant with the rose arbor over it. I would love to see that with roses crawling all over the top!