"A trail is a place to enjoy a walk and to find a bench to rest and talk."
(Dorothy Langsdorf, Discovery Trail in Vancouver,WA)

vendredi 29 mai 2009


Depuis que j'ai commencé ce blog, je me suis assise sur 400 bancs..
Il est temps de changer de route.
Si vous voulez me suivre, vous me trouverez LA.
A bientôt j'espère...
Since I began this blog, I coud sit down on 400 benches...
Nowthe time has come to try another road.
If you want to follow me, you'll find me there.
See you soon, I hope...

5 commentaires:

PERBS a dit…

Oh no! I hope the new one has a box like this to post in. . .

PERBS a dit…

Oh no! Another blog I can't post comments on because you have them embedded instead of a pop up box like before. I am very sad. . . isn't it possible for you to do what you did before?

Try this:
Click on "comments"
choose ANYONE

Comment form "placement:"
choose POP UP BOX

DO NOT check "embedded below post" because people using older computers can't post.

PLEASE try this. Otherwise, I can't comment again until I buy a new computer which could be a couple years.

PERBS a dit…

Thank you! You did it!

Gypsy Lala a dit…

My lovely and lonely bench is here. http://gypsy70.blogspot.com/2009/09/lovely-and-lonely-benches.html

Cezar and Léia a dit…

400 c'est incroyable!:)
groses bises