"A trail is a place to enjoy a walk and to find a bench to rest and talk."
(Dorothy Langsdorf, Discovery Trail in Vancouver,WA)

lundi 11 mai 2009

Le banc d'une amie / A friend's bench

Mon amie Kenza, de Thé au Jasmin, a posté un joli banc aujourd'hui.
Allez donc lui rendre une petite visite, vous serez enchanté...


My friend Kenza, from Thé au Jasmin, posted a beautyful bench today;
Take a little time to visit her blog, you'll enjoy it...

2 commentaires:

Kenza a dit…

Merci ma chère Malyss, je suis très flattée!

PERBS a dit…

I did and left a short note but don't know French so could not say more. I only know a bit of German besides English.