"A trail is a place to enjoy a walk and to find a bench to rest and talk."
(Dorothy Langsdorf, Discovery Trail in Vancouver,WA)

mardi 3 février 2009

Dans la Cathédrale / In the cathedral

Cathedrale Sainte Réparate.
Désolée, c'est un peu sombre, mais je ne pouvais pas utiliser le flash.

Sainte Reparate Cathedral.
I'm sorry , it's a little dark, but I could not use the light.

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PERBS a dit…
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PERBS a dit…

I had that in the back of my mind that if I ever needed a bench I could take some in church. I lost a bunch of benches I hadn't loaded when computer crashed. I am hopeing I can find some on another card I hadn't cleared yet.

Barbara Rahal a dit…

There is nothing wrong with this picture being dark!!
Gives it such a great atmosphere...and that light coming from the "Altar" makes me feel like "Someone" is talking to me...

great shot Malyss