"A trail is a place to enjoy a walk and to find a bench to rest and talk."
(Dorothy Langsdorf, Discovery Trail in Vancouver,WA)

mercredi 1 octobre 2008

En attendant l'ouverture /Waiting for the opening

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PERBS a dit…

You get the prize for the most benches in one spot! What a surprise for me to open your blog and see so many.

Here's some words to describe gazebo. . . A gazebo is a pavilion structure, often octagonal, commonly found in parks, gardens, and spacious public areas.

Gazebos belong to a variety of garden structures with similar functions, that include pagodas, pavilions, kiosks, belvederes, follies, alambras, pergolas, and more.

The origin of the word is unknown, and has no cognates in other European languages. Several false etymologies have been proposed, such as the French expression Que c'est beau ("How beautiful").

I got that information from Google. Hope it is not too much to translate -- I tried cutting it down.

PERBS a dit…

OK, I should have said "the prize for the most beautiful benches in one post. lol I forgot about those seats at the fair that had nothing to lean against. lol

Blogger was working good so I was getting more posts up and then it stopped so only ahead by one bench post now. sigh